New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit Christian organization that is reaching out to Bessemer and Beyond, teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to all nations. We are pleased to have excited, enthusiastic, and purpose-driven people as a part of our team. New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc. is a ministry that strives for excellence in every area as we promulgate the gospel of Jesus, the Anointed One. The effectiveness of our ministry in fulfilling the vision God has given us depends on the cooperative, dedicated efforts of all paid and volunteer staff members working as a team to achieve excellence. To many, our workers are the ministry. The contributions of each volunteer and each staff member are vital to the success of every level of ministry service we provide.

As an employee of New Life Interfaith Ministries, Inc., The New Life Christian School of Excellence, or The Learning Center at New Life, you will want to become well informed about the organization in which you are working – its practices, requirements, privileges, and related responsibilities that you will be expected to accept.

As organizations that employ both paid and volunteer workers, The New Life Christian School of Excellence & The Learning Center at New Life strive to treat all workers fairly. Fair treatment includes decisions made without regard to race, color, national origin, ancestry, or marital status.  If you are interested in making an impact in the lives of children, consider submitting a resume to our Human Resources Department.